Holes in a Heart Shape

My wife being an art teacher comes to me all the time asking for things here and there. this week it’s a bunch of holes drilled in a heart shaped pattern.

It’s for some of her students at school, so she needed 6 of them. I used the MPCNC to predrill the holes in the finished wood to make it significantly easier to nail the nails in and have them look the same.

Not that big of a deal, but doing this with tracing paper and the drill press would have taken a lot longer than letting the machine take care of it. Each one took about 2 minutes to drill the holes. I think it took me longer to cut and finish the wood.

The wood is just clear pine 1x8 cut down to 6" squares.

[attachment file=52768]

As usual. I made a little video documenting the fun.


Cool. Are they doing some kind of string design with them?

Yes. Some of my wife’s students are SPED kids. She typically has alternative projects for them to work on. They’ll use string to run through the nails.

Cool. I was the SPED IT guy for a year when i worked for the school district. They cut IT funding one year, so I was going to get laid off. SPED dept picked up my salary for the year with the expectation that their tickets took priority for me. Those kids could kill a computer faster than a cat in a catnip field.