Hole in Estlcam

What’s up peooooppplllleeee!

Man first cut done with the LowRider 3! I just want to thank everyone who created and help me build the CNC. I will be forever grateful and y’all literally changed my life and I sincerely want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. :pray: :pray: :pray:

That being said, check this cut out!

Fresh cut, clear bottom, this is MDF so its not the best finish. The issue I have is this:

  • You can see, I was trying to make a hole in the bottom corner of the picture. Since the block was fully cut, the piece went flying in the air once the CNC attempt to cut the hole ( I ask Estlcam to make a hole there).

How do I solve this? Is there a way I can ask Estlcam to cut only the hole first?
Should I not use the hole options and only engrave?
Should I do 2 files, one for the engraving and the second for the holes?

I don’t know. Well! Let me know Kings! :saluting_face:

PEACE! :v:

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When you cut out a part, you have to add holding tabs.


When you have multiple operations, usually you cut out the part last. This way the part has the most strength to do holes or other inside features. Estlcam usually picks the right order for me, but if not that is what you use Machining order for.


Oh I see. I will try that, appreciate!

That’s strange. Usually it defaults to doing the part (outside) cut last

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Interesting. I put some holding tabs and currently running it. We’ll see where it leads! :slight_smile:

You can set the machining order in Estlcam. By default, it will cut parts out last, and make holes first. Holding tabs are a good idea, or you can use painter’s tape and superglue.

Put painter’s tape on the bottom of your wood, and some on your spoilboard, then use super glue to glue the tape surfaces together. The tape holds the part down so you can cut it out, and then you peel off the 2 layers of tape when you take yourbpart off.

Sometimes I use double sided foam tape instead of super glue