Hobo Golf Bag

I’m so great at golf that I only need four clubs (cough cough cough)

So instead of hauling around a heavy golf bag (that I forgot in a different state), I decided to make up a lightweight golf club carrier.

It can carry 4 clubs, 3 balls, 10 tees, and one #2 pencil.

Used cedar plank because I wanted the carrier for tomorrow and it was already close to the length and width I needed. A little flimsy and the plank had a lot of chip out so would use a thicker, better wood next time around. But good enough for some testing .

3d printed golf ball holder from bjarni here Printables (1 hr print time with a bambu p1p)


The Augusta Bindle!


Even better looking without the hat. :heart: :smiley:

Aww shucks. :blush:

It worked pretty well!


Wait. You forgot your golf bag, but you remembered your CNC?

Great design though


Golf bag is only good for one thing. V1E CNC machines are good for everything!

(Accidentally Left the bag at my parents place last year and never remembered to bring it back)


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Three golf balls?! That would get me maybe 2 holes.
Nice idea though.