High temp Hot-end Which one?

I have need to print some exotic filaments. which requires up to 250C. First what is the highest temp safe for the MK8, and do any of you use a bowden style and any recommendations?

BTW my MPCNC has broken in nicely and prints are quite nice currently.

The PTFE tube is the limiting factor on the mk8. You can read different maxes for it. Some people think it needs to melt before it’s unusable, others worry it will start offgasing, or something. I think it is pretty safe to 240. I think the geeetech website only specs 230 though. The other thing is that the temp gauge isn’t perfectly calibrated, so you can’t really be sure within 10 degrees or so.

You can buy an all metal nozzle/throat from microswiss. I think this is the one I bought. I emailed them. They have quick customer service.

Make sure you clean out all the pla before you go that high, or it will turn to little nozzle clogs. Cleaning filament is good here because it has a high melting range. You’ll need to clean it again to go down in temp, because the other stuff will clog if it’s too cold.

Excellent! Thanks! I’ll give that a try.