Hemera on a V4, notes

I have been doing a lot of testing the last few days. TT’s calibration page got me close, to really dial it in I made some new models and started slicing my own tests. Not sure if this is worth it to anyone but myself, but leaving them here as notes just in case.

XY print accel = 1950
Retract accel = 500 (crazy)
Junction deviation = 0.036 that one was a slipper bugger but I think it might be a touch better than classic jerk.
S curve accel = off (need to test again but Not sure it does much)
Retract = 0.8mm @35mm/s
Flow = 13.3mm^3/s no issues A little more and I started to get artifacts. Did not turn up the temp.
Extruder Current = 550 is barely warm, could go more.
Wipe = 2.5mm
Coast (s3d) = 0.7
Linear advance (1.5) = 0.01 (probably not worth using? still need to test more)
All my tests were done with PLA @60mm/s 0.37mm layers.

Marlin = BLTouch HS mode is awesome


This will be good to know when I start tuning my printer.

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I hope so! I am going to try the linear advance vs my slicer tweaks tomorrow, see what looks better. Then maybe try S curve on top of all of it. Just to see.

Then try out this Pi I have loaded up and the accelerometers that are sitting here…

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I didn’t find any benefit to LA in my hemera either. I think it is just a very tight extruder.

This is great info. Going to test it on mine. Where are you changing all of these settings though? A lot of this is not at the slicer level, right? I am using PrusaSlicer and I do not see coast, wipe distance, flow, or retract accel. I assume retract accel is just E accel?

Some of those are Simplify3D settings. I use it too and they look familiar.

Yeah I spent most of my time on firmware settings. Prusa slicer has a max flow rate that will prevent you from overdoing it, it does let you control accels as well but you should do that in your firmware, or eeprom.

I remember that, I just want to see if it stands up against my slicers coast setting, it would be better to be able to control it with a single gcode setting if possible, kinda like the firmware retract. I think it would be super cool to be able to go back and tune up all my production gcode files after the fact (moving forward, can’t do anything with my current files).

Running the same gcode on two different printers would be amazing. Definitely a pipe dream, but worth striving for. Each feature you have to change between printers is a possible place to make a mistake.

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I have my printer printing now. I’ll try plugging these values in and let you know how they work on my machine.

I’ll have to figure out which are firmware and which are s3d.

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