Hemera Direct Drive Extruder Clicking

I have the 12V E3D Hemera Direct Drive on my Repeat V2, as most do, and it has recently started making a clicking noise when it goes through a retract and prime process.

I can’t quite tell if it is a mechanical clicking or if it is skipping steps. If mechanical then perhaps I can take it apart and tighten something up.

Any one else experience this?

Clicking could be a bunch of things based on the sound. A video would help.

If it’s skipping (thonk) or the gears struggling to hold (sounds like hot water pipes expanding in the walls to me) you could try bumping up the extruder 10°C or so or doing a cold pull and see if goes away. I’ve had printers where the purge operation was trying to push out too much filament. Otherwise, you’ll probably be taking it apart. Good time to do some printer maintenance!



here is a video of it. I removed the filament to prove that it isn’t jammed. It has been printing fine as well so I have had no issues with extrusion, I am just annoyed by the clicking.

I removed the filament and ran a simple gcode that extrude and retracts a few times.

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Briefly looked over on their Discord server and it looks like it’s a common thing. Has to do with too high of a retraction speed and maybe jerk? You might want to check it out over there and maybe ask.

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