Help with printer model

I purchased the printer shown in the photo below in 2019 and am not sure what model it is. Can anyone identify the model and point me toward installation instructions. I’d like to get it running but dont have the documentation.

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It appears to be a Primo, however I’m not sure why there is a 3D printer extruder in the mix.

Here are the instructions for the Primo.


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I dunno… Kinda looks like a Burly. Really need a better look at the trucks or corner pieces.

But you’re right about the extruder. Unless there was a plan to mount the extruder on an MPCNC for additive as well as subtractive machining…

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It’s a burly model. The core parts in the box give it away. Also the parts to the right of the box.


Those are not for printing btw.


They were messing with printing on these back then. Ryan did sell extruders, and he does say the box is from 2019. :wink:

He has a big burly printer there! LOL


Thanks to everyone for your help!