help with cam

Hi guys I have problem with one part

[attachment file=44593]

problem for me is machining this slot without overacting corners I try to make it in Estlcam but its look like its not cutting all the way.

Can you give a screen shot? I think I know what you mean but need to be sure, or zip and upload your .e10 file.

This is project file from Estlcam (60.6 KB)

Yup, this is what you mean correct?

[attachment file=44608]

You need to over cut it. Let me update my estlcam and I can show you.

He shows it here, you manually make a the pocket larger, the first time might be a bit confusing but once you get it, it is simple.

deam i was not knowing that i can go out from the drawing like that. Like always Thanks Ryan.