Help on Cnc machine

I am brand new to the cnc machine, I am using Inkscape, then estlcam, and repeiter host. I am having trouble with every image I made you can see the pattern cut of the machine on the images so it cuts straight lines through my images. Then the depth of the cutting im clueless on. I think I have it set right then it total wrong. Could you please help me out

Do you have the settings all set up in the estlcam basics? I am most interested in the clearance plane.

When you move the Z in the positive direction in RH, does the tool move up? Does it move the right distance (10mm for a 10mm move)?

Did you set the Z = 0 before starting the gcode?

Did you try the test crown? If that works, then it is something in the software settings.

The clearance plane is set at 0.25 inches and no I have not tried the crown cut

Are you sure the units are set to inches and not mm?

The settings where all set to inches and I have changed them to mm,

If the clearance plane is set to .25 in mm, that may not be enough. Try about 5.0 mm and see if your results improve.

The settings in the basics page (as well as the test crown) have been well tested. I would start there, following it exactly. Once you have something that works, and you’ve “rung out” your machine with the test crown, then you can change all you want and see the results right away. If you have any questions, drop them in the forums.