Help! no printer found error

SKR-pro board ftt35 v3 screen ran initial tests manually moving things all good

went to draw the crown recognized usb drive but failed to find files then I notice the printer not found error

movement commands no longer work

rebooted no joy
checked connections no joy

tried to reload firmware on skr-pro file did not rename

I am stumped

Go into the settings menu on the screen. Change the baud rate to 250 000. That will fix it. I haven’t figured out how to save it without recompiling the screen firmware yet

@redneckmudrat thank you that got it talking again!

I still cant read files from the USB drive on the tft screen it detects the drive being inserted

reformatted drive to FAT all good onward!

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OK no printer found error is back :frowning:

I can move all axis
I can see the usb drive
baud rate set to 250 000 ( and several others but didn’t help)
I can’t start a cut whn I select the usb file nothing happens

this was going to be my first cut… any advice or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated