Help ! my MPCNC is dead, advice on replacement control board most welcome

Hi, I built an MPCNC a few years ago and have been using it for mostly cutting aluminium parts (pics below). Last week I had an operator/programmer disaster and the tool crashed into something hard it wasn’t supposed to, I quickly hit the power button at the wall to turn it off, but when trying to turn back on i get nothing. Tried replacing powersupply and all fuses on the control board, nothing. I assume i need a new board :frowning:

The current board is an ultimachine 1.4 with LCD. I bought it with the full V1E mpcnc kit. I live in the UK and it doesn’t seem very easy or cost effective to try and get an exact replacement shipped over, and it seems like things have moved on a bit since i built my machine.

Any ideas guys ? i’m not an expert in cnc control board options, looking for advice on whatever is going to be easiest plug and play option here to swap out the old one for a new one.

Image of the machine hard at work before it died for your interest;


Hello Paul,
Milling aluminum with your MPCNC! Those parts look great. I haven’t tried aluminum with my MPCNC.
I had the miniRambo on my MPCNC. I have upgraded it to Ryan’s Jackpot board and I am VERY happy with it. I’ve read other user’s comments about getting things shipped to your area. The import fees can be cost prohibitive it seems. You might look at the threads that others have posted and how they were able to purchase one.
Good luck

I just wanted to say holy crap nice cuts in the aluminum wow !!!
I really wanted to eventually be able to do bellhousing adapters for engine swaps with mines.

All things aside I like my skrpro but it does seem like ppl have started to use the new jackpot stuff.

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Noone can ever say that you can’t mill aluminium with an MPCNC and a Katsu router now. Wow.

The Jackpot is a great board, I am using it on one machine, but if you have to order it from Ryan the shipping is quite a bit (though it’s always nice to support Ryan). The SKR was already mentioned. I am using an OpenCNC Shield 2 on the other one and am pretty happy with it as well.

Great looking machine and parts.


It might be helpful to troubleshoot a bit more just to know where things are for you.
Do you have a DMM and feel comfortable making measurements?

If so, we can pursue some additional testing steps.

The two best options at this point are the SKR Pro 1.2 and the Jackpot.

Both are great boards, and both are in production and well supported.

The Jackpot doesn’t have a UK distributor so it might be a bit more of a challenge for you.

SKR Pro works with the TFT35, Jackpot uses WiFi so you connect to it with a browser to operate it.

If you are going to get an SKR Pro, get the board, TMC2209 Drivers, and a TFT35 LCD.

For jackpot, the board comes with the drivers.

It sounds like you have a spare power supply so that may be fine.

Another reason to troubleshoot a bit more is so you can get a good sense of what is and isn’t working in your current setup (Don’t want to get a new board, plug it in, and immediately kill it.)

Thanks guys,

MakerJim, i’m all for doing a bit of troubleshooting, i’m just not sure how or where to start. Open to any suggestions. As you say … don’t want to swap the board for a new one and kill that too.

So … so far I have tried;
swapping out the fuse in the power supply plug
swapping the entire power supply for a new one
replacing all the fuses on the Ultimachine board (the large 15A one, and the two incredibly tiny 5A ones)

When i turn on there’s nothing on the LCD display and no lights on the board (the board diagram shows two LEDs, status and power, these are off - but i can’t be sure they were usually on or not before as the board was in a case and out of sight)

I can get hold of a digital multimeter and happy to use it if someone can guide me what to measure

If you can get I multimeter, then I’ll be happy to help guide you through additional troubleshooting.
We’ll start by looking at the voltage coming out if the existing power supply (With it disconnected from everything). We’ll move on from there.

Wow!! Doing work like that and;
This is the first time Paul Bristo has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

How is that possible??? Please grace us with your knowledge and presence!!!


Hi Paul, did you check the fuse ?
The one close to the reset switch (if I recall correctly)