Help me workshop a LowRider2 Build Survey

I was curious what people were doing for build-sizes, tubing thickness, router choices, tables, etc. for their build so I put together a little Google Forms survey:

If you are interested can you take a look and tell me what could be added/removed/moved/changed/etc? If this ends up being at all useful I could do another for the MPCNC. It would be interesting to see some stats about build sizes, spindle choices, table construction, etc.

If you have a google account and want to be added as a collaborator to edit, just let me know.

The timescale seems pretty long. The LR has only been out for about 2 years. I would expect most people could get it cutting within a few days to a few weeks after getting all the parts.

I would be interested in how much deeper people cut into their spoil board for through cuts. Trying to find an easily obtained comparison of levelness. If you cut about 3mm deeper, it’s pretty flat. If you add 15mm, it’s not.

Controller type, type and number of drivers used, firmware used, PSU voltage, interface (LCD, octoprint, CNC.js) used.

Do you need the email address? What about just the forum username? I doubt you’ll get a lot of people cheating.

Maybe something about the motivation or occupation with multiple choices:

  • Hobbyist/Entertainment
  • Maker/Tool for fun
  • Entrepeneur/Tool for profit
  • Professional
    Something like that.
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Super helpful stuff. I made some edits @jeffeb3


Anyone else have suggestions for new/different questions? I could maybe use some input on the options for some of the multiple choice questions. I’m not super hip to the common boards and drivers, for instance.

And anyone who wants to, feel free to actually take the survey and submit it.