Help in buying parts

I want to buy a complete kit for lowrider 2.
What parts do I need to buy so that everything is in one box?
I also need a monitor.
I can print plastics in Latvia. I don’t need plastics.
It’s also a question of how long the delivery will be to Latvia?

Welcome @Gena to the forum.

I’ll go through this with you and others will point out if there is something missing:

On the Lowrider shop page you purchase the LOWRIDER2 CNC BUNDLE. That is almost everything you need except conduit, router, the flat parts, and the 3D printed parts. These four items would be something you need to decide on because they all need to match in size.

The LCD screen is useful to have. You can purchase that separately in Ryan’s shop or purchase from another source the same item.

Choose the mini-Rambo option if that is the board you want. We can come back to that question later. This gets motors, wires, control board, power supply, nuts and bolts (hardware), everything you would need except a spindle/router, the conduit/tubing/pipes and the flat parts that are the base of the Z axis that hold the router and the side Y plates.

Next you have to make a decision about your router or spindle. That could make a difference for mounting the router to the Z plate. And you also have to know what the size of your conduit/pipes are before your order the flat parts. Or if you can even make these plates by hand.

You need to source your conduit/tubing/pipes. Evidently most folks in Europe have easier access to less expensive stainless steel tubing that is required for the Lowrider2. You have to match the outside diameter of your conduit to the size of the build when making your 3D printed parts.

Your option for a controller in the main parts bundle allows you to not get the normal miniRambo and either purchase a different controller from Ryan or source your own.

I hope this helps clarify.

Can’t tell you about shipping to Latvia, would be a good data point to share if you go through with this.

Everyone else can chime in on this topic and clarify.

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Depends on your order size, the cart will tell you before you have to pay.

How can a basket tell you a delivery time?

Thanks for your help. A lot is clear to me now.

I ship within 48 hours (business days). It gets to your country in 3-7 days, your customs can take minutes to weeks to clear it and send you a bill. There are no absolutes in international shipping.

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