Help can you find my ball ?!

It’s like Waldo but spherical

I just can’t help myself the patterns are so cool.
Also I am aware of the giant diagonal lol baby steps. I was showing some friends how it works and they did the design. Although I haven’t messed much with the orientation of the start. I can see how it’s a thing haha.


Have you tried turning your head and coughing?

That is probably the known bug in sandify. Sorry.

Very cool pattern!

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Oh gosh I wouldn’t complain at all look at this amazing program you guys have made.
Won’t hear me criticize, all that wild Math and coding that you guys have done. Thanks so much for making this even happen

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Also it was my nephew’s bf that made the design not me.
MACK NEW.gcode (1.7 MB)
and hey look i managed to upload a new file type