Help before purchasing parts

I’d like to buy all the parts from V1 (obviously I can’t get conduit or the router here) but I’m a bit confused about a few things.

First, I want to build a machine with a 24"x24" work area. Is this recommended? I’m thinking a 4" z, but if I need to drop that I will. Based on the cut calculator, I’ll need my X and Y conduits at 34.4" each.
Here’s what I’ve got in my cart and I’ll ask the questions under each item:

I’ve put the Rambo Dual Firmware wire kit.

  • the “wiring kit - you choose which one” does this mean I need to add another wiring kit to my cart (I added the dual end stop one) or do I need to specify this in notes somewhere?
  • the warning about dual endstop not being beginner friendly, what does that mean exactly? I’m not a begninner to electronics or electronics kits and I’ve built a couple of 3D printers in the past. I think I can manage a dual endstop. Or is the warning to the way that it’s handled in software? or installing the physical switches? Is this really something I should avoid?

I’ve got the Burly printed parts for conduit in my cart.

  • Are these parts printed in PLA?

I’ve added the full graphic smart controller
(as noted above) I’ve added the wiring kit for dual endstop

Additional questions:

  • Based on my listed size, how much more belt do I need?
  • Are the cable lengths enough for what I’m building or do I have to order more? If so, which ones would I need?
  • Do I need the big stop button? I’m thinking of grabbing it anyway.
  • What’s the best way to manage the cable? Should I use the wire sleeve and tape measure method (I have plenty of tape measures around)? How much wire sleeve do I need?
  • Is there anything else that I’m forgetting?
  • Should I go with a 24v Power Supply from the start instead of the 12? Is there additional hardware changes that are required for the Rambo board if I do?
  • what are the most popular end mills for cutting/carving wood? I wanted to get the 5 pack, but apparently it’s sold out so what should I grab to get me started?

I know I will have to build a stable table for it to sit on. This will be relegated to my garage (where I already have a shopvac with a dust deputy). How much of a concern is dust on the moving parts? Is this something that I’m going to want to keep covered at all times except when I’m using it? How shaky is the bottom of the table that it sits on in general? Is it something I could put a shelf in and use to store some things or better off just putting in a shelf for rigidity and don’t bother standing anything up on that?

Well, that’s a lot more questions than I thought I had when the night started. Thank you all in advance for all the advice.

Ok, let me see how I can do in answering your questions:

Q: Do you need to add another wiring kit?
A: No. Getting the dual endstop kit is the wiring kit you chose, no other needed.

Q: Dual Endstop kit not beginner friendly
A: It is just that wiring up the stops, and configuring it for auto squaring is more advanced than the standard setup. If you are confident you can handle setting up dual endstops out of the gate, GO FOR IT!!!

Q: Burly Parts, are they PLA?
A: Yes

Q: Listed size, how much more belt needed?
A: He sends along enough to make a 24"x24" MPCNC, so no extra would be needed

Q: Is cable enough for what your are building?
A: As the previous question, Yes, he sends enough to build 24"x24"

Q: Do you need the big stop button?
A: No, but it is a good safety feature to have.

Q: Best way to manage cable?
A: There are many ways, drag chains, tape measure with sleeve, etc. I just hung the wiring sleeves from the top of my enclosure. Its a personal preference thing.

Q: Anything you are forgetting?
A: Short answer, ALWAYS. Long answer, you have the basics pretty well covered

Q: Should you go with 24v PSU from the start?
A: I really do not know the answer to this one.

Q: What are the most popular endmills?
A: There are many, I use the 1/8 ball and the 45 degree vbit the most. But I also use a 1/2" 90 degree vbit and a 1/4" endmill from harbor freight quite regularly. Getting more, different ones soon.

Q: Dust
A: These create a LOT of sawdust. A vaccum is a must, and if you just have it on a table, it will get dust everywhere without a dust collector of some sort. I built a cabinet for mine to limit this. Dust gets all over the rails as well, and I vacuum it off of them constantly.

Q: How shaky is it?
A: You will want to build the table pretty solid, because it can get very shaky if you don’t.

I hope I’ve answered most of your questions. If there is anything else that I missed or gotten wrong, I’m sure the great people here will correct me and give more information.

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Thanks so much for the answers!

Great! I thought that it was a 24x24 footprint, not a 24x24 workspace. That makes me feel better.

You don’t need to. The speeds you’ll be cutting at are low enough to not matter at 12V. 24V keeps the max torque at higher speeds.

Yeah, many users are really just electronics savvy woodworkers. If you’ve flashed Marlin, you’re advanced enough (although you shouldn’t have to flash Marlin).

I guess I haven’t seen it explicitly either way. You’ll need 35"*4 + some change.

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The kit comes with 13 feet of belt. 24x24 work area will have about 36x36 footprint so 12 foot perimeter.

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Hmmm,. So if I ever try for higher speed, laterally I’m assuming, I’d see a potential improvement with the 24v PSU. Guess I’ll back burner that for now

Yep, done that a time or three!

So I’m entirely not sure how I missed the 13 ft in the left column of the parts list, probably sleep deprivation, but that makes total sense now.

Thanks for the quick response guys. I’ll be submitting my order after I drop the toddler off with the sitter and get back in front of a computer!!

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Ok, I’ve placed my order. Now I’ll wait and clear a nice spot in the garage for the table and start building the table for it. I’m so excited!!!

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Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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Ok looks like my parts should be here on Tuesday. Totally excited about that but I won’t be able to start until, at least, next Saturday (and that may be stunted as I have 2 nephews and 1 niece having birthday parties this weekend), but I’m thinking of building the table tomorrow (Sunday). My biggest question is to put casters on or not. I’ve been thinking not as I think it would add additional vibration through the tabel, but I started looking online at other builds for MPCNC tables and I see so many people adding casters. Am I crazy to think that this isn’t a good idea? Maybe the casters aren’t nearly as big a deal as I’m worried about and it would keep in with the theme in my workshop (everything is on casters to more easily clear work space when working on large projects already).

Thoughts? Anyone have any experience with casters that could enlighten me?


I like wheels, the CNC makes a mess so it is nice to be able to clean around it and get to the wires and stuff.

So do I and it’s why every other bench in my shop is built on wheels (even my table saw is on wheels). I just want to make sure that I shouldn’t be worried about any vibration potentially amplifying because it’s not firmly rooted.

I think you will be fine, there are very few rapid moves like that. I have had my last two on wheels for a long time now and no issues.

Excellent, thanks. I’ll go measure out the casters I have in a box (yes I have spare parts organized, my friends call my shop “Lou Depot” and just come here when they need something quick) and figure out my height and work that out so that I have a plan for building tomorrow. Look forward to getting everything going!

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I have stared at my wobbly table and wondered how much it matters. Obviously, the machine and bit needs to be rigid to the workpiece, but I can’t decide if having it rigid to the floor helps or hurts. I suspect it may actually help reduce the impact, like a crumple zone on a car.

I am convinced that a little movement in the table wont hurt.


All my tables are screwed down to the floor in my shop. The work benches are either bolted to the wall, or attached to the wall in some way. Half the benches are just kitchen cabinet tops on heavy duty shelf brackets. My mpcnc top is on a couple kitchen cabinet bases, and it still wobbles… One of these days I’m going to rebuild everything so it’s all at the same height. I built a base for my table saw, so that’s bolted down as well. Got tired of it moving on me when I was wrangling a full sheet of plywood up onto it.

Ok, got the parts in the mail yesterday. Been a busy week already so just opened the box and so far the printed parts look really good. I really like the colors I got too. Going over the directions now (for the next few days also) and hopefully I’ll have something to show this weekend (probably not anything close to finished).

Thanks for all the great advice on this forum!