Help again,

I’m stuck,

I have followed the instructions given on V1 engineering to get started with our CNC. We have worked through the steps and have made it to the “Crown”. I followed the steps and when I hit start print, the tools moves to what would be the starting point and the motor never turns off and continues to try to move in the same direction. It never starts the printing. I have to hit emergency stop.

I am sure I am doing something a little wrong but I do not know where to begin to diagnose this problem.

Are you using Ryan’s crown file or did you make it yourself in Estlcam? You might want to look at your units of measurement if you make it yourself, inches to millimeters can make a huge difference in how far it expects to move before drawing. :slight_smile:

Use my gcode first before you make your own.

Sounds like you have a G28 command still in there, or as Bill said wrong units. Double check all the settings pictures. I did not highlight all the changes but if there is a picture, there are changes.

I used the file provided, so I am not sure what is going on. I have a guy locally that is on here often. I have contacted him to see if he would come help me. I’m getting there, its just taking us a little longer. Thanks for the help.

Comparing with this page, are the directions and distances correct?

We are up and running. I will post a pic of the Crown soon. Thanks for the help. A couple of settings were incorrect. 3D printing a pen holder for it now.

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Good to Go

[attachment file=58884]

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Not quite there yet, but getting close. I’m seeing glitches that seem to be consistently placed. Are you drawing using Ryan’s gcode or gcode you did yourself?

I am using Ryans Gcode. The problem on this pic was the way I had the pen mounted and the mount itself. There was too much give in the 3D printed mount. I firmed things up and tightened the pen with some zip ties and the print turned out much nicer. The points are now meeting up with no gaps


Thanks for the help.

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