Height of legs

If I only wanted to cut through a maximum of 25mm of material, how long would the tube for my legs need to be, and for my Z axis tube also? My X and Y will be cut to 1m which I understand will give me 700 something mm either side.



OK Thanks for this. But I’m still a little confused.

2 Z Rails = Usable Height + 190mm (7.5in) So if I want 50mm vertical movement, it would be 50 + 190 = 240mm Z x 2 conduit

4 Legs = Usable Height – 13mm (.5in) This is even more confusing because it shows I need to subtract 13mm from usuable height.

To make things easier to calculate, what would be the length of my 4 legs and 2 Z pieces if I need a maximum of 100mm Z travel?

I’m sorry. I get the X and Y, but not these 2 values

I found the calculator, all good thank you.

Just one question. Is 100mm MAX Z travel too much? What would be average? I couldn’t see myself using the machine on anything thicker than 3/4" MDF/5mm Aluminium (if possible)

For the best user experience you really want it as small as possible. So 3/4 material + 1 1/4" bit length max, plus a just a little extra I believe put your corner locks on top of the feet. For me, that is pretty ideal.

It really isn’t that hard to change the dimensions of the machine, and it is much more fun to be smaller. All the cuts are faster and much more forgiving the smaller it is. If you decide down the road you need it bigger and don’t want to build another one, then $5 in conduit and 45 minutes to make it taller.

If you were to go the other way it wouldn’t cost you the $5 because you could just cut down what you have, but the extra time you will spend trying to get your gcode right, and all your cuts will take longer, this will be way more than 45 minutes and could frustrate you. I strongly urge everyone to start small.

And you are talking about a very large build as it is, do you absolutely need 1Mx1m? at that size aluminum will not be fun to work with, if you can do it at all.