Heavy lungs....

I’m having a fantastic Saturday playing with my machines but again am reminded how important dust management and personal protective equipment is. I surfaced a pile of Corian today (before determining that I didn’t need to after all). While surfacing I was at the machine modulating the router speed controller to find the sweet spot between the climb and conventional surfacing paths. I judged the sweet spot as the point where I no longer per saw what seemed to be like smoke coming off the table in the fluorescent lighting. And then it occurred to me I should put my mask on.

The closest thing to me was just a box of surgical masks so I put one on. But then I went inside, set up the lithophane files and went back to the MPCNC…and didn’t put the mask back on. Now I’m sitting here typing to forewarn everyone that these things make some fine dust just as much as they make coarse chips. Protect yourselves everyone! I’m now going to find my cartridge mask…



I did a lot of cutting in MDF when I first got the machine. Spent the next 6 days coughing up a lung until it all cleared out.

Your welcome. I have now patented the MDF Lung detox, you owe me $49.99 for my 6 day program.

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The check’s in the mail.

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