heatsinks for mini-rambo?

Coming from the ramps board on the MPCNC, and remembering sticking heatsinks on the drivers.

I just want to clear up whether or not I need heatsinks on the Mini-Rambo. The drivers seem to get warm to the touch.
I’m assuming they are properly dissipating heat to a properly manufactured PC board. But I just wanted to ask to make sure.
I’m also guessing that if they needed heatsinks, Ryan would have included them.


You should be okay without them. You will now be able to control the current from the LCD… so it is pretty easy to get things dialed in.


Thanks! The preset values are appropriate for the kit parts?


Interestingly enough, if you watch that video of Josef Prusa showing the new MMU with Thomas Sanladerer, he notes that the rambo board’s drivers are using the opposite layer of the pcb as the heatsink, and as he says, which is the correct way to build it.

The board cooling fan on the seemecnc rostock max blows on the back side of the board for this reason.


It’s different on my version, but same idea.

Thanks All!