Heads-up on another cheap laser engraver... $99 on Amazon?


Just saw this video this morning…

and, since the word is already out, this laser engraver is “Currently unavailable”. Just maybe we can hold our breath and catch it if it ever comes back… :wink:

He references this machine as a “JL3” and it appears to be another in the same family of machines that some of us have already purchased. At $99, it’s a larger format (400mm x 370mm) laser engraver and the controller board appears to be the same “JL1 Mainboard” we’ve had some experience with already.

Here’s the JL1 board on my $79 machine…

If we/you are a bit “adventurous” again, we/you should be able to reflash it with Grbl 1.1f as before and get a Lightburn-compatible machine. At $99, this looks IMO to be another good deal… if we/you can get our/your hands on one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

– David