Having trouble with the stepper drivers on Lowrider with Jackpot controller

I just replaced my BigTrees controller with the Jackpot. I connected the stepper cables according to the illustration. They do weird things. For example when I move X both X and Y2 move. If I disconnect Y2 than X operates correctly. After much frustration I realized the Jackpot board is configured for MPCNC and not LowRider. Do you have a config file that corrects this?

Yes, that config is available. You can download it from a link on the Jackpot documentation page. The good news is that you don’t need to touch your firmware. Nothing needs re-flashed. You won’t have to build any firmware or compile anything. All you have to do is replace the config.YAML file that is on your ESP32 with a different one that is for LowRider. This process to replace it can be done over the air through the Wi-Fi connection. You can use the web user interface to make this happen. I think you click on the FluidNC tab to do that.

This is the LowRider config.yaml put it on the FluidNC filesystem and rebood, and you should be good.

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Thanks. I finally got it working.

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