Having trouble not getting ripped off on 1” OD SS

Hi all,

Supply constraints, etc.

I’m trying to source my 1” OD SS tubing locally. I’ve found a company that has some 1.05” OD (3/4” sch 10 pipe) in stock. Will the .05” cause me any issues? I’m new to all this and can’t even visualize what 5 hundredths of an inch looks like. Not sure how forgiving the setup is.

Thanks in advance!

Pipe is sold by interior diameter. Ask about “structural tubing” to get stock that’s specified by outside diameter.

Thanks! Sorry, I should have clarified that I can order in anything I want, for a premium. I’m mostly hoping I can use this piping to save (a lot of) $

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Yea, that will cause issues. The 1" version already has tension build in, so the extra OD of the pipe will be too much.

Shoot. I’ll have to ask the supplier to get me tube pricing. Thanks!