Having trouble maintaining a connection with my laptop or phone with Jackpot

I replaced my LowRider 3controller with a Jackpot controller. It seemed like it would be an improvement. It is mostly, better UI more information available and better control. The problem that I’m having is that I keep losing my connection with both a laptop and an iPhone. With the laptop, I can jog, and start a run but after a short time the connection will stop. With a fairly small file, say under 100 k, I can let it finish and reconnect the laptop with the controller but on larger files the machine will pause for several seconds and if it’s still connected to the laptop I will get low memory warnings. Sometimes I’ll try to reconnect on the laptop and I get nothing and othertimes when I reconnect the laptop it will skew the coordinates and start cutting garbage. I also have an older iPhone that I set up to run the WebUI but even when I have it in airplane mode it loses the connection too. Are there some settings that I’m missing on my phone or laptop?

I would update the version of fluidic if you have a version earlier than 3.7.12 which fixed a few connectivity issues.

The thing about skewing the coordinates and cutting garbage happened to me - the jackpot runs out of memory trying to maintain multiple web guis at the same time. Once I figured that out (with help from another thread here) and made sure to use either my phone or my laptop but not both at the same time I didn’t have any more issues. Keep an eye out for low memory warnings on the console log.

I also moved the jackpot to be permanently on my network (station mode) which made it much easier to work with. It did exacerbate the memory issue at first because it was easier to have open tabs connected to it, but that also made it easier to figure out the problem…

I am using version 3.7.12. I did, however, close down my browser and restarted FluidNC in a single tab–communication was maintained throughout the run (about 23 minutes) with no pauses and no low memory warnings. That seems to solve the immediate problem. Ideally I’d like to control the LowRider with an older iPhone like the one Doug Joseph uses. I put it in airplane mode and it works for a while but when I step away for a few moments it seems to hibernate and the connection is lost and when I attempt to reconnect it says that the connection is unavailable. So what are the secret settings to keep the iPhone connected?

Just turn off auto connection to other wifi networks and leave the board connection to ve the only one that has auto connection

Keep in Mind that if you close the browser that you are using to see the fluid webui gets refreshed, you will loose connection and must do a forced Freehold if you were in the middle of a job. (If you are using a cellphone/tablet to connection, set up/disable hibernation/standby/screen locking

I didn’t have any problems reconnecting once I switched the jackpot to station mode and just being on my network full time. It should be come up as fluidic.local.

It seems a bit scary to play with the network settings but the board auto fails over to ap mode if the station mode doesn’t work, so you can’t really hurt anything. Just don’t disable that option.