Harley Davidson Footbar Adapter (Aluminium)

Long time that I haven’t posted something here.

Have realized a couple of things in wood but mostly in Aluminium (AW-5083, AW-6082, AW-7075).
The following part is a footbar adapter for a Harley-Davidson. It is done with AW-5083.
Therefore - just from the beginning - I have modified a couple of things at the PRIMO on x-, y- and z-axis.

My configs:

F(xy) up to 1000 mm/min which in my opinion is quite slowly but acceptable.


Nice! Why did you go with those materials instead of 6061?

Had the material “laying around” in my garage :grinning: so no necessity to buy it


Ha, ha. I was thinking you might have had a special reason or something. The best material is the one you have on hand. :grin:

Great job! I like to make use of whatever material I have on hand too. Most often for me that involves finding creative ways to use scraps of plywood.

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The previous owner of my house left me with an attic full of scraps. :roll_eyes: I guess I need to follow your lead and find some projects that I can use them in. :grin:

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A bonfire is always a good project. :smile:


That is where my almost right projects go :sweat_smile: