hardware alternatives?

I can not get a fully threaded screw of 5 / 16-18 X 5.
I get it with a screw on the tip, or fully threaded 4 inches. The same with the m8x130.

Some alternative? Threaded rod with a nut on each point ?.

I also do not get the 6-32 nuts with Nylock. Can I use grower and loctite?



It does not need to be fully threaded. Loctite is fine.

30mm of thread is ok?

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Should be, you can see what we use here, in the second image.

It does not need to be fully threaded

Are there any disadvantages of using fully threaded parts? I sent my local dealer fastenal a screenshot of the parts list and they gave me almost everything fully threaded.

Nope, doesn’t matter.

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