Halftoner Advice?

I was playing around with Halftoner and was wondering if anyone has had good success with settings and some recommendations for bits to use. I’m trying to use these 30 degree carving bits, but I don’t know if they’re ok to use. If not, what might be better? Any other tips or tricks? Thanks!

I used a standard carbide wood v bit when I did my halftoned picture. It didn’t come out as good as I wanted, but still looks good. The real issue is finding a good plunge rate. After that, travel moves can be as fast as you can go without missing steps.

I’ll have to take another look through the settings, because I didn’t see a plunge rate, only a feed rate. I was having deathly slow “fast travel” rates to the start, but then things went fairly fast from there.

You’ll have to set the feed to the z limit, which I think is 8mm/s? Estlcam can do this as well, and can set different speeds for z (plunge) and x/y.