Guitar Body

Hello friends!

I’m considering purchasing the MPCNC Kit to do some of the more precise cuts on guitar bodies. My question is will this kit be large enough for my needs or will I need to purchase some additional parts?

The average blank body will be approx 21"x18"x1.75".



I would get 1 extra quantity of belt just in case. You can check with the calculator found on the rails page of the assembly guide.

As for the 1.75" or more you will probably need to flip the part. It takes a little know how but once you get it you will be fine.

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And please, share some images of the finished product! That sounds like a lot of fun! (no pun intended).

I built mine for mostly this purpose. Give yourself at least 3" of Z. I went 4" Figure you have ~2" of body + spoilboard + a little extra if you are doing a carved top… I made mine about 24" x 44" which gives me enough length to do longer scale necks.

Check out the youtube videos from Highland Guitars if you want to see how all this works on a small hobby type CNC. He uses an Xcarve but the principals are the same.

Thanks, everyone.


I’ve got it set up and moving around just trying to figure out the software now.


I’ve also noticed that my T8 Leadscrew sticks out quite a bit farther than any of the pictures I’ve seen and in fact runs into the waste board when the Z axis is all the way down. Is that normal or did I miss a step where I was supposed to trim it?

Yeah trim to fit your build. It is in the calculator but I guess not specifically told to cut it.

Can’t wait to see your first crown.

Ah ha! That would explain why I missed it. I had my rails cut before the parts arrived in the mail.