Growth stick

I have a young niece and nephew who are growing quickly. Their parents said they weren’t doing the traditional “Mark their height on a wall” yet and I didn’t have a good idea for a Christmas gift. Saw a more basic version of this on the website of the slab store in town and liked it.

Slotted with 1 pass and a 1/4" bit and numbers with a 1/8" bit. Epoxy fill. Did it in 2 passes since my table is only 4’ . Some mistakes but as long as I don’t try to downplay the gift by pointing at all it’s flaws, most people shouldn’t notice.


I like the stick! Well done!

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Nice. Ours is a scrap 1x4. We had originally done it on a wall in the closet at the last house. When we went to move, my wife saw it and was like, “oh no!”… So I quickly grabbed a chunk of wood and started transferring marks over to it so we could take it with us.

When we got to the new house, we just laid it up against the wall in the closet and now we mark on it.


That’s awesome our growth stick is pretty basic but it’s definitely fun keeping track.


That has to be the most classy one I have seen, I love it.

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Wow, nice!

Very nice! I’m starting to accumulate ideas of projects to make and sell around here, and since there are a ton of young families, something like this is on my list. I was thinking about other materials, but the slab idea is also fantastic!

Live Edge stuff is still a trend, A lot of upsell just on that fact as long as you have a somewhat decent place close by. The actual machining is pretty quick too. Hope it works out for you!

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Woohoo! Thanks for the machine that let me build it.

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Nice. I think next year I’m going to make multiple picture album hangers out of walnut as well. Put them in the foot markers so you have a timeline by height instead of year :slight_smile:

And I’ll put it all on french cleat so its real easy to move between houses.


We had the kids write their names on the wall next to their ages. I took pictures of those before we moved out too. The plan is that if I ever make an actual measuring board, I’ll use my laser to re-image the ‘signatures’ onto the new board.