GP - LR3 Beta Build

It’s a looker for sure!!

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First real project for the LR3.

The wife wanted to buy 5 Adirondack chairs to go around our Fire pit. I said NO…I will make them…

Spend the last couple nights designing the chair, and today I start milling the parts.
Here is a screenshot of the design, I added a slot to hold a wine glass and a hole for a regular glass or a beer cam which I’m not sure if will a hole or just reassess in the wood (haven’t decided yet) and I still need to add a brace to the front leg.

As The top back support has a chamfer, I decided to start on that part as it has a couple of tool changes.
Here is a short video ( 36s ) of the LR3 dancing as it makes the chamfer.
Edited: Lower your speaker volume!!! It is Loud !!!



Well, work got in a way again. But I was able to cut and get one chair together….

Chair Kinda in place ….

And …… the wine glass and drink/beer holder


That acrylic is awesome!


Do you use a steel ruler as your z probe?

Yes and no :smile:
I have Ryan’s V1 touch plate, the reason for the ruler is that I was using it on the LR2 and the touch plate is a little to short for the Lr2. That particular ruler is 0.5mm just like the V1 touch plate.

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Can I ask how thick this slab of Acrylic is?
10mm - 15mm?

that is 12mm thick, I was planing to use some smoked acrylic like I did for the LR2, but I didn’t have enough for both sides.

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Here is a picture of the router plate and the side plate of my LR2 all in Acrylic.



So to ask again, but is there a reason you didn’t use acrylic for the XZ plates?

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I did think about it, than Ryan show us the metal plates. And I was like “ I want that!!!”

So the answer is…Yes, it will be replace with aluminium plates.
I already got them, didn’t have time to installed yet as I’m out of town.

oh ok, I understand :smiley:
still doubting if I should upgrade, and if I do if I would use acrylic this time instead of metal.