Videos of LR3's?

My guess is there was a tacit “media blackout” by the beta testers while development was ongoing in case something substantive had to be changed in the design. Now that the product has (just) been released I’ll bet there will be more videos available soon.

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Soon is not soon enough !

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I tried to make a fancy one with me putting the LR3 on the table and running it. I tried like 4 times. The last attempt went so well and was happy with it, then I reviewed the footage. I learned over the table and revealed a little too much, and cracked a wrong way smile :rofl:.

The next one I was trying to make a demo video of cutting the strut plates and using the touch plate. I thought “that went well just keep going”. Went to edit the footage on Sunday. I put my arm right in the way of the camera and you can’t see anything.

I just can’t seem to get it right. I might try again today while I am cutting some more side plates, those have a tool change so that could be cool.


How many people were part of the beta team?

Lol. Kids tell me I do that all the time :slight_smile:

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In my build thread, I have a video of the LR3 “kinda” dancing making a circular chamfer with 1/8" bull nose bit

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Here is another one

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The #lowrider:lr3 category was private, but is now public, and you can see some of the details of the build there. We shared a few vids, but nothing like the number of videos for the older machines. It will come.


four or five I believe. I’ve printed parts, but moved in the middle of the testing so I still haven’t built it yet.

My videos are not searchable yet, but are in my plog.

I like this one Dance, little CNC! - YouTube


Needs a sound track!


I have recently begun printing parts and can’t wait to start assembly once my hardware kit arrives. I am seriously considering documenting the process with some YouTube videos since I also could find only two so far. This is my first CNC build apart from assembling my MK3 Prusa printer which I’m sure is a way different experience but the closest analogy. I’m sure I will face a steep learning curve and will likely encounter many headaches and hurdles on my journey. Perhaps documenting it would help others along theirs.


Please do! I love videos but really really have a hard time making them myself.


Really appreciate the extensive documentation. There’s a lot details to cover, can be hard to write content that’s accessible for everyone.

Personally got stuck and stumbled in a few places, appreciate this forum helping clarify details, and even let me contribute back some minor doc edits/clarifications.

Will share captured notes, clips and build montage that may help visual learners like my self. Maybe soon, I can smell the crown of victory, it’s close…


That reminds me, now that my LR3 moves about 10x faster, I need to re-do this video…


Some LR3 vids on my channel at:

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10x, that’s awesome. What enhancements did you make or try out? Which would you recommend?

For the most part, I just bumped up the max speeds for travel moves. It doesn’t cut faster, but it can really zip around.

The only real “enhancement” for speed is that it’s running 24V power.


EDIT: This post used to link to a DRAFT version of the Lowrider 3 video I was working on.

Read Videos of LR3's? - #26 by azab2c instead, have included link to final video there.

Hope that helps!


I let loose the max speeds +accelerations and zipped mine around the table too, it was super cool.

I think I’ll be tuning the cutting speeds a bit more when I get to cutting my thin polycarbonate sheets.

It seems like arcs and accelerations will be the thing holding it back, but there will be room for trial and error I guess!

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