Google Analytics

I am trying to figure out what to do about :cookie: and sandify, and v1pi. I have google analytics set up to try to provide some idea that someone is using these things, and that keeps me motivated (well, there may be evidence that I need a lot more to be motivated). I think it’s neat that there are so many users of both v1pi and sandify.

But there are new rules, and there are greater morals around tracking these things without consent. I also really hate all these “accept the cookies” banners and tricks.

Are any of you familiar with the choices? Can you help me figure out what I should be doing? I’m tempted to just remove them altogether. Is there a lighter weight analytics that just gives me the number of humans (not bots) that are grabbing the site?


Sort of?

You could offload the logs to an ELG stack and track unique IPs through a graph.

Might be more trouble than it’s worth for what you’re doing.

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I started removing some of my tracking as well, I really do not want to lose it all either!

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