Good table base idea

Pocket screws can be a pain to do accurately, but this seems like a good strong base for a low rider.

Well I was getting things done until I stopped and watched the whole video.

I have decided I do not like pocket screws. I used them on my headboard and No matter how hard and how much weight I used I couldn’t get a level joint. Next time biscuits for sure.

I love ping pong and having those lights would be awesome.

The time has come for me to cut down my LowRider. I really do like this idea but instead of a flip top maybe some slide out drawers or something, and wheels. I am obsessed with wheels and it makes a tiny shop much much easier to work in.


May be an Idea for périple whith Smallville work shop probable the one i il try tout adapt tout my project longer and wider

Oh cool, that is a new on for me.

Sorry for the english my phone change the words

lots of things to look at on his website for people who like woodworking

Richard, Did you buy the plans from him? His Paypal isn’t working.


No i ll have to make some modification to fit my needs so i ll redesign it

And trying adding a small cabinet like in mftc