Good store/place to buy endmills (online)

Whats a good store on amazon or other website that sells endmills for a reasonable price?

Besides V1Engineering? :slight_smile:

I get all my other ones off of Amazon.

Banggood has some cheaper stuff too. I’ve used their PCB V end mills.

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how good are their pcb end mills?

As mentioned by David, the V1 store actually has very good prices on the end-mills. The only drag is the flat-rate shipping – I totally get (and support) why Ryan does it this way, but something in wont let me spend $8 shipping on a $5 part… So, if I can’t justify throwing other stuff on the order another good source for the end mills is drillman1 on ebay.

Drillman1 on fleabay is another place, besides the V1 store.

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I wish I had that problem. I want to buy the variety pack as well. But I am in Canada. Just to put it in perspective here is what it basically costs.

20.25 for pack
26.85 for shipping

→ 47.10 USD
→ 62.80 Canadian
plus Tax
→ 65.94
plus often random brokerage fees at border

so something that is 20 bucks costs me 300% more in reality in Canada.

This is not a V1 thing, this is true for anything like this.


I should say, not trying to be a smart ass with the above. Just a little jealous :slight_smile:


Used to be a pain in the ass getting stuff to Alaska. Regular mail would take weeks, even though we have two international airports. They ship mail up on boats anyway. Then 99% of the cool deals you see on commercials aren’t available in AK and Hawaii. :man_shrugging: