Good source of stainless tubing - UK


On resuming the project, I’ve decided to start moderately small and go for stainless tubing from the outset.

Has anyone in the UK found a good source? Maybe one that does the cutting?

Doing test cuts, I’ve retired the angle grinder+stand in favour of a reciprocating saw. It’s a fast cut, but I struggle to get perfectly square ended results.

I have found the same with a hack saw - there always seems to be a bit of wandering of the blade.

PS: I’ve found a few suppliers myself. The going rate seems to be around £35-40 for 3m lenghts, but I haven’t found anyone with the right guage who offers cutting.

I found a nice eBay supplier who cuts…£32 per 3m length.

For a 76cm * 76cm x 10cm build, it works out at 591cm, so 2 lengths required.

The conduit comes in at £8 per 3m length, so it’s £16 for a conduit build, and £64 for a stainless build. It’s 1.5mm wall, instead of the 1.22mm (0.049") recommended, so should be stiffer.

Is it worth 4x the price for the steel? How much stiffer will it be than the conduit? How much would it affect a build this size (~ 30" x 30" x 4" for the US friends convenience)

If you can not find who is doing it, or if you find it too expensive, do it yourself. Why not equip a garage or a barn for your needs? If you need to trim the stainless tub, it all depends on the size. Using reciprocating saws is quite convenient but not in the case of a long pipe. Read about them and you will understand that they are more intended for a little more another job A properly tuned and fixed circular saw can help. It all depends on what will be better - spend a little more now, but equip yourself with a good stuff with all the necessary tools, or pay less, and give it to the outside person, and pay so every time you need this kind of service.