Going on a Field Trip

Work is sending me to AWS Re:Invent this year :slight_smile:

That is all…


I have a python script that sends an email with weather info to a google group every week, and invites the users to come play pickup hockey at an outdoor rink in the summers. I am tired of maintaining a machine that is always available to do this, so I tried the AWS lambda.

  1. It would have worked very well, the code ported fine, but the google group wisely rejected the email coming from the AWS server
  2. I get sooo many emails from AWS asking me to use their stuff more. For some reason, they don't get sorted to promos the same way others do.


My AWS email gets sorted appropriately. However, billing, promos, and a few other alert emails all seem to come from the same AWS ‘no spam’ address.

Our environment at work is exclusively AWS for my portion of the stack. It’s really nice. We’re deploying more and more architecture through CloudFormation.

More and more of my day is spent creating CF and python code and less and less actual server maintenance. It’s gotten pretty interesting the last few months and next quarter looks to be even more exciting as we port our web-app to docker.