Github Question, Fancy LCD

Hey gurus, I feel like I am missing something simple here but how do I try out a pull request? I know it is different depending on what OS and gui you may or may not use but maybe the correct terminology so I can try and find info for sourcetree (what I have a basic understanding of).

The AlephObject LCD code edit seems to be getting closer to a merge, I bought one of the LCD’s a while back and at the time it was a bit of a mess to use.

And I wouldn’t mind poking around this one to try and get it updated and merged. It would make our lives easier.

To just try it out, you need the repository and the branch name. The PRs say something like “from fabtopia:bugfix-2.0.x-NoExtruder”. From there, there’s probably a link, but its pointing to a branch called bugfix-2.0.x-NoExtruder
in https ://
You can just download it.

If you want to combine it with your branches, you need to copy the software locally, and then you need to move those commits into your repository.

The proper terminology is (for the second one it’s from fabtopia:bugfix-2.0.x-NoExtruder :

You need to set up another “remote” (the remote should be

You need to fetch from that remote (this copies those branches locally)

You need to merge the commits from that branch (bugfix-2.0.x-NoExtruder) into one of your branches. You can either merge the whole thing or cherry-pick into your local branch.

This is advanced git stuff though. I can help some more when I’m at my keyboard. The trickiest part is that the “parent” of your branch and the one in the PR might not be the same. If you’re more up to date, you’ll be combining those new commits with the PR. If they are more up to date, you’ll be updating your branch.

I get it (I think), Thank you! I assumed there was an easier way, that doesn’t sound terrible but not simple either.