Ghetto Greenhouse

Today I thought to myself: I need a greenhouse for the sorry tomatoes that are “growing” on our balcony. So I grabbed the cheapest wood, screws, an old pallet and some giant plastic bag my dad gave me and built the greatest greenhouse your eyes will ever see. Behold - the ghetto greenhouse:


Are you sure these are tomatoes and not weed? I would expect the latter in a ghetto.


Nah, you can actually see a tomatoe. :smiley: It’s still green.

Those are buds, not “tomatoes”… :laughing:

As the sawdust flies
On a cold and grey Saxony mornin’
A poor little baby 'mato is born
In the ghetto…

Is it possible for tomatoes to die of embarrassment?


I guess we will find out. :smiley:

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Were the tomatoes sorry before you put them in the greenhouse?

If not they are now LOL…

Just poking @Tokoloshe absolutely nothing wrong with some ghetto stiff as long as it works lol

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Efficient (re)use of time/material, nice!

Are you fortunate enough to have a leaky gutter that can drip/spray the plants? If not, consider drilling pluggable holes in the gutter :grinning:


I’m really naive when it comes to plants. I thought you did that in the spring (and you are a northern hemispherian)? I guess you can lengthen the growing season in the fall too? It never occurred to me.

Nice use of used materials. Make do or do without. Maybe I should do something similar for my tomatoes that haven’t quite fully grown yet. But I know it would only help the squirrels.

Yeah, you do it way earlier, but our tomatoes don’t get enough sun on the balcony and didn’t really grow, so I thought this might fix it. It works like a charm btw, it’s hotter than the sun inside it and really damp. :slight_smile:


That would rank pretty low on the list of crap-tastically engineered things I’ve done in my life.

I say you did a good job!

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I like it !!
My tomato plants don’t have any bloody tomatoes Kevin.
It’s peach time here in Canada.
Well peaches and auto flowers….

Hahaha, I found myself in the same place last year.

Be careful to keep up the maintenance, or they’ll go little shop of horrors on you…

Only two things money can’t buy and that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.


You’ve got pipes and shit, that’s like level 1000 upgrade. :smiley:

Aside from being dapper and sciencey, I find his take on tomatoes relevant…

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