Getting ready to pull the trigger.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have done a lot of research around diy CNCs and have decided to build the mpcnc for a number of reasons. Mainly cost and the active community here.

I have a few outstanding questions that I need to resolve before moving forward.

  1. I am planning on using .049 1" stainless steel tubes as I can source it locally. Is a 4’x4’ pipe length a reasonable size for .049 stainless? Bonus: what size printed parts do I need?

  2. I imagine that I will need to modify the wiring and get additional belts if I order the parts bundle. (And of course add spindle and pipes) Anything else that will need to change based on a 4’x4’ footprint?

  3. I prefer Linux and was planning on using fusion 360, until I realized they do not support Linux. Linux guys, what Linux cad/cam software are you using? I saw someone was using a pi and running some sort of server on it for cnc.js and another for octoprint. I am guessing I can use fusion 360 for cad and the pi setup for cam. Are my assumptions correct here? Any details I am missing g or anything to add here?

  4. I plan on adding a 3d print head at some point in the future. Is that a reasonable requirement for a 4’x4’ footprint?

  5. I like the idea of the auto-squaring capability of the dual stop firmware. That package has been sold out for a while, any idea of when the Rambo parts bundle will be back in stock? I assume I can purchase the board somewhere else as well, any reputable US dealers?

Sorry for the long post, let me know if I should split it up into multiple posts. Thanks.

I did the same - with even thicker wall SS tube (it was only $30 more so I thought why not). Because of this, it required significant modification to the inserts that go into the tubes to hold the nuts captive for the piece that joins the two Z rails together. I used the 1" parts kit from the Shop.

You should be okay for the wiring I think but you DEFINITELY want more belt. I had to order some more off Amazon and wait a day or two to keep playing. Actually come to think of it you might be JUST shy on length if you move to the machine’s extremes. But you’d likely only need like 6-12" extensions. I did find wiring through the tubes tricky due to the length of mine. I ran a continuous loop messenger line through and left it there until I knew I was done with it. You’ll have connections inside the tubes at points.

I suspect, like when I add it to mine that you’ll be confined to the size of the heated bed. Because of this I plan to build a MP3DP quite soon after I get the extruder running on the MPCNC. You might as well order the larger power supply right from the start if you know you’re going the 3d print route. It’s now waiting in a shopping cart on my system here for when the extruders are back in stock. But I’ll have two machines eventually so it’s required ultimately.

My table is exactly 48" in one dimension and it gives me a useable work area in that axis of 947mm (checked it with the LCD screen - ALSO highly recommended - the LCD). Anyway - that’s just over 37". I thought I better mention it in case you had specific need for a 4X4 working space. If you do, you’ll have to make your table larger than 48" square and then you’ll need tubes longer as well. You lose a few inches each end to the leg assembly and then you lose working space to the bulk of the gantry.


Yeah, why not?

Mine is roughly this size, just a bit smaller. The only big difficulty is to get a big enough heat bed, because warping is unavoidable on big parts. Personnally I’ve used an electric heated floor tile, it works great, but those are only 800x800mm so you might have to come up with some different solution if you plan on making the entire 4 feet surface printable.

I’m pretty sure dual endstop doesn’t work with 3D printing, because you don’t have enough stepper drivers available. You need at least 6 drivers to make this work.


That’s too bad. So, no way of running a dual function (printer and router) with dual endstops?




Not without another driver. If you are savvy most boards can handle more drivers being wired in, there are some 6 driver boards out there as well.

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Just pulled the trigger. Ended up going with the mini. Will do without the dual endstops for now.

Any idea on the shipping time to Kansas?

ASAP. Hope to get everything out today…but with the board just back in stock I have a lot to do.