Getting discouraged

I have followed all the steps to build the firmware in the instructions and it always fails what am I doing wrong

Processing rambo (platform: atmelavr; board: reprap_rambo; framework: arduino)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Verbose mode can be enabled via -v, --verbose option
‘CC’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
CalledProcessError: Command ‘CC -D__MARLIN_FIRMWARE__ -D__MARLIN_DEPS__ -w -dM -E -x c++ buildroot/share/PlatformIO/scripts/common-dependencies.h’ returned non-zero exit status 1.:
File “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\penv\lib\site-packages\platformio\builder\”, line 175:
env.SConscript(item, exports=“env”)
File “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\packages\tool-scons\scons-local-4.1.0\SCons\Script\”, line 591:
return _SConscript(self.fs, *files, **subst_kw)
File “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\packages\tool-scons\scons-local-4.1.0\SCons\Script\”, line 280:
exec(compile(scriptdata, scriptname, ‘exec’), call_stack[-1].globals)
File “C:\Users\Sirbg\OneDrive\Desktop\Ramob2072Dual\Marlin_V1CNC_Rambo_Dual_2.0.7.2_509-src\Marlin\buildroot\share\PlatformIO\scripts\”, line 286:
File “C:\Users\Sirbg\OneDrive\Desktop\Ramob2072Dual\Marlin_V1CNC_Rambo_Dual_2.0.7.2_509-src\Marlin\buildroot\share\PlatformIO\scripts\”, line 118:
if not env.MarlinFeatureIsEnabled(feature):
File “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\packages\tool-scons\scons-local-4.1.0\SCons\”, line 658:
return self.method(*nargs, **kwargs)
File “C:\Users\Sirbg\OneDrive\Desktop\Ramob2072Dual\Marlin_V1CNC_Rambo_Dual_2.0.7.2_509-src\Marlin\buildroot\share\PlatformIO\scripts\”, line 262:
File “C:\Users\Sirbg\OneDrive\Desktop\Ramob2072Dual\Marlin_V1CNC_Rambo_Dual_2.0.7.2_509-src\Marlin\buildroot\share\PlatformIO\scripts\”, line 250:
define_list = subprocess.check_output(cmd, shell=True).splitlines()
File “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\python3\lib\”, line 411:
File “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\python3\lib\”, line 512:
output=stdout, stderr=stderr)
================================================================================================== [FAILED] Took 0.75 seconds ==================================================================================================

Environment Status Duration

rambo FAILED 00:00:00.747
============================================================================================= 1 failed, 0 succeeded in 00:00:00.747 =============================================================================================The terminal process “C:\Users\Sirbg.platformio\penv\Scripts\pio.exe ‘run’” terminated with exit code: 1.

Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

open the configuration.h file in the marlin directory, then compile?
Make sure the power is plugged in rambo board, make sure there’s no other programs scanning the com ports like if you have arduinos or something like it plugged into your computer for something.

This error looks like you are compiling it with vscodes regular tools. It needs to be opened from the platformio tools as a project and built with the platformio compiler.

The instructions say to plug the board in the next step after building the firmware

jeff is right. You need to pick open project then go to the folder you downloaded the firmware, open the v1cnc marlin file in there, open that folder, open the marlin folder, then pick open marlin.
It looks like this on my computer

Once you do that it should open into a workspace, look at my last posts picture. Then you can compile it.

I click new project and get drop down menus for boards I am not sure I am clicking the right tab

Here in the platformio Home tab under quick access Open Project

what do I select for board in dropdown menu

I think i got it

Nope still failed

everytime i click open marlin in platformio it does nothing, platformio just disappears

You’re looking for “open project”. It is in the screenshot Jeff shared. On the right side.

I got that part and had the file just like in his post and clicked open marlin and platformio just closed

This is all I get after clicking open marlin, the screen disappears and nothing happens

If I click platformio build I just get the error again

3 days now and over and over have followed the instructions @Ryan has posted and every time it fails, it don’t even load the folder anymore it seems it just appears in the list I have even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still shows up surely there is a better solution then VSC

just to make sure I am doing this right, I download the file and unzip it to desktop but it unzips into another zip file on desktop by the same name, if I unzip that to desktop it unzips a folder Marlin am I unzipping it wrong?

In your screen shots I don’t see the .vscode folder or .gitignore, I don’t know if you need them or not, but that might be part of the problem. This is over my head though.

I get I pop up that says I don’t have git installed not sure as that was not in the directions for flashing. Also the instructions do ever say when to plug in the board, would that be after building?