Getting around to cleaning up my MPCNC


I’m finally getting around to cleaning up my MPCNC. I’ve previously shown the folding table and U shaped tub that I used in place of the standard legs.

[attachment file=43410]

[attachment file=43405]
I added this adjustable keyboard and mouse platform and found a good use for those legs.

[attachment file=43406]
I also mounted a display on a vertical conduit. The height is adjustable and the monitor rotates. I like the conduit, 3D printed part and plywood look.

[attachment file=43407]
I’m using the Amazon Sainsmart drivers and LinuxCNC and put the drivers in an enclosure that matches the PC I also mounted.

[attachment file=43408]
I used to have drag chains on all three axis but I have decided to get rid of them. I know Ryan doesn’t like to load up the Z axis with extra weight. This cable management solution for the z axis is a placeholder, I’ll probably print a support arm.

Still a few things to add, like the updated z axis, E stop and homing endstops but this is a great machine to build and learn from.










Wow, that makes the whole system look pretty official.

High five.

Dude. Sweet.

I want to mount my monitor off my desk.