Gettin there - Redux in Texas

Building a machine 18"34"x6" I mostly want it to use to build guitars. Even if I have to do all the finishing by hand thats fine as this will allow me to cut out designs from CAD. I already build them from scratch so whatever level this can take them to is fine and can save me some time. I’m also pretty nerdy so dice towers, D&D stuff, etc will be coming off this machine.

I’ve built some other 3D printers and such so this went together pretty much like it was designed to. No issues to speak of (I had the X motors backwards at first). Printing the parts took awhile and I made them all with PLA+. Slowed it down a little and used 6 perimeter, top, and bottom layers.

I still need to build a stand for it and tidy up all the wiring. Right now its sitting on the base of a chicken coop I’m building (thats what all the framing is sitting around).

Thank you so much for this design and offering it up to us.

Nice, time to get it dirty!

Decided to redo the whole thing…