Gettign the Z axis homed so that it does not plunge into the workpiece and destroy it

I seem to have problems with the Z axis X and Y not a problem. I set the Z axis with the metal button but I have been caught a couple of times when the cut is complete and I go to the next one the Z axis never seems to be the same nor do I know how to tell when it is homed. I have had more sucess with moving the z to the top of the material then resetting co ords and then starting. Also between my computer, my drawing and my machine there are 17 languages none of which seem to talk to each other but I have learned how to start and stop.

Did you verify that the bit is tight in the collet and has not pulled out? I had a similar issue where it seemed like my z was plunging into my spoilboard and I resolved it by making sure the bit was super tight.

Thank you for your reply regret delay this is the first time through the process of using this facility.

The bit was homed at eg. 32mm. I moved the router and then hit reset coords (I think) but when I hit print the router just went straight down as far as the collet locking nut which just burnt a hoele in the work. This is the second time but I have since had a successful run. Thank you for your interest and apologies for late reply.

It is best to include that in your starting gcode. On the milling basics page there is a detailed section for this.

I am guessing this was the problem

If not your z axis is backwards, or your cam was wrong(like mm/vs inch, or just wrong depth).

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Where does one find “milling basics” ? I have no literature to refer to nor a name of a document to purchase, nevertheless I have discovered when one hits home all axis it means reseting not going back to last setting. Therein lay some of my issues but have resolved that sort of. Still a bit confused when I wish to move to the middle of X to start a new print I have to lower the Z to just off the surface then reset all coords wheras in the beginning Z is homed to the button not the cutting surface. If you can possibly refer me me to some publication would be much appreciated.



Click on the red highlighted text from Ryan’s message, it will take you right to the documentation.

Mike B.

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