Germanys next MPCNC

Hey Guys!
This is my MPCNC

Made with 25mm Stainless Steel. Printed in PLA.
Cutting area is:

X 1100mm
Y 610mm
Z 400mm

The Spindle is a Kress 1050 FME-1 with 5000 to 25000 RPM

Because of its size and the instability, a friend has designed me brackets, with which I fixed the mpcnc on the walls.
This allows me to experience high speeds. There is no more shaking at rapid starts and brakes.

You can find them here:

I’ve been playing around for about 8 weeks now and have already worn a lot of bits.
Meanwhile, I have at least understood how I have to work wood.
Next, a box is built around the MPCNC to keep the dust in check.
Then I’ll go to work with lasers :slight_smile:

Thanks Vicious1 for sharing your awesome build with us!





Great build. That wall anchor is a good idea.

What’s with the big Z? You can’t really carve that deep into wood without having really long bits, right? Am I missing something?

No, the big Z is just for using my MPCNC as a 3D Printer.

Although I have more fun at the moment on wood as on 3D printing :slight_smile: