Germany Hardware Sourcing need Help

i have nearly every Hardware but i have trouble getting either m3,5x20 or the #6-32 X.75 with corresponding nuts. Since i am a student i am on a tight budget, i can not rally pay 50€ for 57 bolts+nuts. (Rosentaler Schrauben)
It would be nice if someone can provide some links where i can get some screws for a good price or are willing to sell some directly to me. :slight_smile:


Do you have a Lowes or Home Depot there? Graingers online may have them too. There must be a fastener warehouse in Germany close to you. Search online. Id get them for you but shipping would be more than parts. Search Amazon.

I have used 4mm, run a drill through the holes.
I buy all my small fixings from but there must be a similar supplier in Germany.

I’ve used 3mm, and it seemed OK.


I used M4 bolts and found that they can screw directly into a 3d printed hole for the M3.5 size - rarely needs a nut on the other side and no need to tap a thread either. Not all fastenings points are like that and sometimes you have to drill.


Well we dont have a Lowes or Home Depot in Germany, only other hardware stores. Since i live a bit in the country i dont realy have a huge selection of hardware stores and the range in bolts and nuts are a bit limited ( especially such a rare type of bolt (also i want preferably a Hex Cap Screw…)
Mhmm Graaingers i will take a look.
I looked into it … but i my last decision is to buy some slotet screws… i totaly hate them. :smiley:
Thanks but you are right i would be pointless to ship them from a other country other then europe or germany.