Gaps around tubing


I am putting together the parts now. My tubing measures 25.5mm so pretty close, and it’s been fitting well everywhere, however when I bolt the horizontal pipe to the vertical ones, there is quite a gap. Is that normal?

Picture is included. These are tight, I can tighten it more and flex the pla, but with that much gap I’m concerned about cracking the parts.

Advice? :slight_smile:



Yes, that should have an equal gap all the way around.

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Thanks Ryan! Much appreciated! The more I had assembled the more I appreciate all the little design choices that make this whole thing work despite some 3d printing tolerance issues and such. Fantastic designing, thank you!


Shouldn’t it be 25.4mm, not 25.5mm. That might the issue there.

So what is the design reason for such a gap?

The gap allows for variations in pipe diameter and/or variations in printed part size so you can still adequately clamp the pipe before the two pieces mate completely.