Gantry Gets blocked by 25.4 , cannot go through when present

Question is there any way how I can adjust the print of the block to fit under when the gantry is running forward and backward?
It’s basically getting stuck for some reason I’m trying to add much more but I cannot figure out how to go about this :disappointed:

I’m a little disoriented from your pictures, and I can’t quite tell which side is left/right front/back, but I think your collision is from the rail blocks being mounted with the screw side “outside” (away from the workspace) instead of “inside” (toward the workspace).

Illustrated here in green:

It looks like you might not have room to mount them facing inward.

If that is indeed the source of the problem, it might be possible to remix a stubby version that can be mounted facing inward, or a “low” version could be made with a thinner piece for extra clearance.