Game box organiser

Came with a blow moulded box insert with no way to keep all the card decks separate so I made my own inserts using

The stacking drawers could probably be 1/2 that size but meh.

I’m off to the hammer-barn tomorrow so I’ll see if they have any dark stains to make it more thematically appropriate.



Really nice! I have the old Arkham Horror Games but the card game is supposed to be great. :slight_smile:

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I’m enjoying it, I haven’t yet but I’m probably on the hook for an expansion in the near future - I’ll play a few more games with the other investigators first.

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I love game box organizers. I have designed and 3D printed a few. This one looks like it’s getting large enough to justify the wooden pieces. Plus, the wood adds some class.

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You should have a look at the Gloomhaven organizer I bought… :joy:

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Crikey. That looks like serious business.

The thing I like about the lowrider, and with a laser in particular, is it’s just so quick to go from idea to execution. The amount of things I would have 3D printed where I just think - I could cnc that in a fraction of the time.

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I like that so much more!

Isn’t it amazing, even with no skills, no imagination, no training, using free online tools, what a lowrider can produce.


The one where you always die or go crazy every second turn for 3 hours, and then it’s just rolling the dices for 30min straight to eventualy “beat” the ancient ? Hated it :slight_smile:

The way the campaign scenarios end reminds me of the old fighting fantasy books.

‘If you escaped from the house before midnight read resolution 1’
‘If you set your house alight before you left and it burned to the ground read resolution 2’