Fusion360 personal license

Well, Fusion360 has been warning me for a couple weeks that it’s going to expire. I keep trying to renew the personal license, and it keeps telling me “log out and back in within the application” and it still keeps telling me that it’s going to expire. I apparently have 2 days left now.

If it doesn’t let me renew the license, no way in Hell am I paying for it. It’s pretty hard to convince me to pay for something that has license renewal issues. How do I know that it isn’t going to just take my money and not let me renew a paid subscription? I suppose that people would complain… But maybe not. Am I the only one that has this problem?

Do you have to sign up for the spam… I mean “industry newsletters” in order to renew the personal license?

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I’ve bumped into this problem in my last two renewals. When the license expired, I think all I did was logout and login again.

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Seems like there is always a little hiccup with that. Looks like you have to wait until it expires to reactivate it. Here is a 11/19/2021 article on it. How to renew a start up/personal license for Fusion 360 | Fusion 360 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

if you have a gmail address for exemple you can open a infinit new accounts with your same exiting email with their system of testing adresses.
For exemple yourmail+01@gmail.com yourmail+02@gmail.com yourmail+199@… will all be link to yourmail@gmail.com gmail address.
So even if your main Fusion account expires you can still get all your project in readonly and create a second fresh account based one your existing email address, autodesk doesn’t detect it.

I had the same renewal issue and i ended on with that trick for a new account, not ideal but forever free over the years.

I had some issues last year trying to renew. I just sent a email to their customer service and they fixed with no questions asked. I was pleased with their quick response.

We, crisis averted. It didn’t let me actually renew until after it expired. They don’t seem to tell you that. They let you try to renew it a couple weeks before. Maybe they hope I’ll panic and upgrade to a paid license? I bet downgrading is stupid difficult, too.

Anyway, another year. I’ll probably forget by then and it’ll be drama all over again. Maybe Freecad will be better by then. I can get by in 2D with Freecad, but 3D is still some weird limitations.