Fusion 360 toolpath question

I successfully cut my first part in foam! Very happy! I am having an issue with the toolpath though. I’m trying to engrave “HELLO WORLD” I have it cutting and it does exactly what’s in the toolpath. I want it to just drop into each letter and cut it with one stroke per letter, what’s happening is that it goes around the letter. Seems like I’ve seen this as a setting of where you want the tool to cut inside, outside or on the toolpath but I cannot find it. I hope. this question made sense if not I will clarify. I will try to get a picture up as well. TIA

UPDATE: Figured it out, It has to do with a “feature” of F360. The link below describes the opposite of what I was trying to do but it was the behavior I was seeing. I realized that the border I had around my text was causing the behavior I didn’t want. I’m leaving this up in case any other newb has this issue.

Your question is missing some context such as how you defined your text and what toolpath you are attempting to use, so I’m going to take a guess. When you select the contour for the toolpath, a red arrow appears. This arrow determines what side of the path is the cutting side. The arrow isn’t always clear about which side it is indicating, but if the path is on the wrong side, edit the toolpath and click the arrow.

A couple of other points:

  • The word “engrave” in a CNC context usually means to cut using a chamfer (angled) bit. When cutting the router moves up and down depending on the width of the contour at each point. I don’t believe this is what you are doing.
  • .“one stroke per letter” is hard to do. You need a path for that stroke. You can author such a path using the drawing tools in Fusion 360, or you use “stick fonts.” These are special fonts for use with a CNC that define strokes. You typically would use them with a “trace” toolpath.
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