Fusion 360 Post Processor (v2.1) is Available

Hi. Very interested. I’ve just started with the jackpot board after a struggle with Klipper. I generally draw in fusion or Vcarve
I’m at the point where I have a workflow and I can make “Cartesian “ items but I’m also very interested to use that 6th driver on the Jackpot for a rotary axis. I like Fusion but I think I’ll have to use Vcarve for wrapping.

I would love to test it

@MarkC and @staffordj, it will likely be next week before I pull a Beta together.

Please comment on if you are currently using my F360 post processor, are you hand editing the GCode currently to get it to work with the jackpot board or using the file insert ability, and any additional functionality you think would be useful.

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I am using your post processor with start and end code files inserted by the post processor. The start and end code is similar to the code in my post above.

Thank you, Don for contributing the post processor and for your plan to improve it.
I have the Same answer; I use start and end files.

Maybe not relevant to your plan but FYI
I’m close to a solution for easy substitution of a rotary axis in place of X. I don’t need to unplug anything. Ryan’s latest config file had pins and values for the 6th motor driver, just commented out.
So I commented out the two drivers for X and uncommented the 6th driver. I renamed it X instead of A. I saved this as “rotaryconfig”.
All I need to do is switch the config file and restart and I can flip from xyz work to AYZ rotary . I had to reduce the max speed to prevent the motor losing steps. Next increased the steps/mm to get a full revolution when I call for 360 degrees on X. Checked it through 100 revolutions.
Next I want to set up a probe for the rotational zero position.
I would prefer to use fusion for CAM either way but I think there’s a paywall to use wrapping or 4 axis. I also have Vcarve as a backup.
I will post more details when I get it all working smoothly.

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@MarkC and @staffordj can you reply and attach any files you are inserting in the GCode to override header, footer, tool change, or probing functions.

Having these will allow be to see if the pp should be generating different GCode by default for GRBL.

Thanks in advance.

JackpotEnd.gcode (25 Bytes)
JackpotStart.gcode (155 Bytes)
@Flyfisher604 Here is what I am using.

Yes please, would love to test the beta as I am using the jackpot on my newly built LR3

Is the current F360 post processor all set to go for the jackpot controller as it is now?

Any special settings I need to setup for this?

Or do I need to wait until the beta is pushed through? It’s been a couple years since I’ve done anything with the Fusion PP and now run the jackpot board.

The beta has languished, apologies. It definitely produces better GRBL GCode but it really hasn’t been tested. I left it and now need to find time to get back to it. I’ll see if I can do that this week.


It’s no problem, we all have lives outside of this! Already appreciate all the hard work you have put into all this. Thank you.

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Hey Don, just found your post on the F360 Post processor.
I’m midway through making an LR3 with a jackpot controller and use fusion for all CAM work.

Will I need your beta version of the post processor to get F360 CAM to spit out correct gcode files?
Or do you recommend another way to go about this now, like designing in F360 then exporting to another software for the CAM?

You can use the currently released F360 PP from Don. I haven’t found any issues with it yet.

I’m using Don’s .cps Post Processor, but maybe not correctly. M0 command messages aren’t in parentheses, and start and end code are not included.

So FluidNC/GRBL won’t run them unless I manually change the M0 command messages. And add the correct Spindle start and such.

EDIT: Figured out the start/toolchange/end gcode insertion. But Fusion inserts M0, and M117 commands with invalid gcode still. Anyone else see that?

The PP requires updates for FluidNC/GRBL. I started on the updates but life has gotten in the way. I hope to get back and complete it this fall.

Here is an early BETA that you can try. No promises. The beta is unsupported but changes were all formatting related. Please post results back to this thread and identify you were using the beta. In the fall I will try to encompass that feedback and get a formal release out.

MPCNC.zip (15.2 KB)


So Far so good! M117 commands are not included. My start/stop gcode snippets get included. Will try out running from Universal Gcode Sender here in the next few days.